Friday, September 17, 2010

Organic Hummus Lunch under $3!

Here's a quick and easy lunch that is delicious and costs under $3!

  • Hummus
  • Lettuce
  • Whole Wheat Baguette

Take a bunch of organic lettuce ($0.40 at $3-$4 for a head of lettuce), add 1/2 cup of hummus ($1.20 at $3 for a 10 ounces) and a third of a whole wheat baguette ($1.00 at $3 for a baguette).

Sprinkle pepper flakes on top for flavor and enjoy! Total cost? $2.60.


  1. There are a lot of versions of hummus out there-one around every corner, This is my homemade version and it is organic which I love.

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  2. Perfect! Organic foods are good in our bodies, they contain a high fiber which helps prevent constipation, it has a high in content of vitamins and minerals which help enhance our immune system, thus it prevent us from diseases.