Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Organic Food CAN Feed the World

The food industry tries to pin us between a rock and hard place by stating, "Either you're for genetically modified foods, or you're for the use of pesticides." They make it seem as though we have to choose between these two farming options in order to have a reasonable global food supply. This, however, is false.

New findings by researchers at the University of Michigan show that organic farming is not only sustainable, but is also enough to feed the global population. In fact, organic farming can yield up to three times as much food as conventional farming on the same amount of land. "We were struck by how much food the organic farmers would produce," one of the researchers said.

This is good news for the all natural community. It confirms that organic farming is less environmentally harmful and can potentially produce more than enough healthy food. Let's continue to vote for organic over pesticides  by buying all natural food and supporting local farmers!

Source:  University of Michigan (2007, July 13).Organic Farming Can Feed The World, Study Suggests. ScienceDaily

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  1. Organic food is something which is far better than pesticides or genetically changed food. But the ratio of increasing population all around the world will match the ratio of organic food.
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  2. That is the question, and I think this new study really challenges us to think outside the box. Organic food, grown naturally, is enough to feed the world. The global food problem is not a problem of there being too little food, it is a food distribution problem - some places have too much food (USA, UK) while other places have too little food. How do we solve it?