Sunday, August 1, 2010

Natural Remedies to Cure Everything

This MSNBC report highlights the latest natural remedies to cure everything from hot flashes to anxiety to hypertension. Natural remedies are increasingly being studied and are being covered by insurance. They are often affordable, and have no harmful side-effects. Watch the details!

Here are the highlights:
Anxiety - massage
Arthritis - acupuncture
Chronic pain - acupuncture
Depresssion - massage
Hypertension - dark hot chocolate (1 cup twice a day for 2 weeks)
Insomnia - tai chi
Rheumatoid arthritis - green tea
Weight loss - green tea

Here are two excellent books with volumes of information.



  1. I have had constant severe headaches I am seeing an acupunturist to help and she has helped me with changing my diet to see if I have allergies or a toxic build up in my system. I was seeing doctors that kept prescribing me meds and not finding the root of my headaches.

  2. Exactly! Natural treatments help get to the root of the problem, whereas meds like asprin can bring side-effects and are just masking the problems. Is the acupuncture helpful for your headaches?