Some great all natural face moisturizers from All Natural. No chemicals, no toxins. Just pure goodness! 


Moisturizers are an important part in your everyday skin routine. This is because your skin will suffer if it is low in moisture. You will notice that your skin will sometimes dry out and even flake if you don’t take care of it property. You need not worry that moisturizers will be expensive though because there are homemade remedies that are as effective as over-the-counter products. Below are some of the recommended formulations.

Avocado Facial Moisturizer. This is probably the simplest form of natural facial moisturizer because you only need to mash the avocado and then apply to the face. You will have a glowing moisturized skin after.

Vitamin E Moisturizer. If you are taking vitamin E capsule everyday, chances are, your skin will look smooth and glowing. Why don’t you apply the vitamin E capsule externally as well? You just need to open the capsule and put the liquid throughout your face.

Water Melon Moisturizer. This is another great moisturizer. You only need a slice of watermelon and one tablespoon lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon on the watermelon and refrigerate for around 15 minutes. Afterwards, apply it thoroughly; you will notice that it will lower the body temperate while moisturizing the skin at the same time.