Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Organic Beauty - Herbolution's Natural Strawberry Face Scrub

Today I wanted to review one fantastic all-natural product that I love made by Herbolution - the Organic Strawberry Breakfast Facial Scrub! This is a 100% natural and organic face cleanser/exfoliator made of flax seeds, strawberry powder, oats and white clay. It smells like a bowl full of whipped strawberries, and it leaves your skin feeling so soft. I tried it one morning and my skin had a glow that lasted all day. In an age when so many lotions and creams contain toxic ingredients, it feels great to know exactly what you're putting onto your skin. You can get a sample-size for just $1.80 online at their Etsy store.

Herbolution is an environmentally conscious, all natural and organic skin care company. Their products are handmade and so great for you. They reject any kinds of chemicals and have a line with everything from baby skincare, face scrubs, body butters, and great products for the home. They put a lot of care into each item - and everything, even the packaging, is biodegradable.

Here are some of their awesome products that are highly popular.
  • Mandarin Aloe Body Butter (see pic below)
  • Sweet Mud Dead Sea Mask
  • Rose Bloom Organic Water
  • Vanilla Patchouilli Love Butter

For smaller sample sizes check out their Etsy store here.
For larger sizes check out their website here.

SPECIAL: Get 18% ($2) off of any $11 flavor face scrub by entering the word "review" at checkout.




  1. Thank you Ven for your review. We are glad that the Organic Strawberry Facial Breakfast Cleanser worked so nicely for you. We have five different organic fruit scents in Facial Breakfast collection - peach, raspberry, strawberry, banana and mango.

  2. That's so awesome. I love everything you have!