Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raw Cocoa Butter

This is an amazing beauty product that is 100% natural. It is inexpensive, gentle and possesses a rich, delicate chocolate aroma. This is the pure oil of the cacao bean, extracted using a cold-press technique — the temperature stays around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of 300 degrees which is the norm. It has several healing properties:

- hydrating
- moisturizing
- anti-aging
- heals stretchmarks
- lightens blemishes and scars

Cocoa butter doesn't irritate the skin and hydrates it well. It is a great product to use if you like softer, blemish-free skin. Dr. Palmer's is the most popular brand. They sell it in the lotion, oil and raw butter form.
Rub the butter between your hands to soften it and apply to trouble spots.  


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