Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aubrey Organics

"Why buy synthetic when natural works better?" I love this bold statement from the Aubrey Organics line. Their products are simply heavenly! Made from 100% natural ingredients, with no animal testing, they are so gentle on your skin and hair. Most of the products are vegan -- just look for the little rabbit symbol.

My favorite item from the line is the conditioner. The Honey-Suckle Rose scent is a pure winner! My hair was quite dry and so I tried some last night. It made my hair feel silky soft I smelled like roses :) The main ingredient in the conditioner is Aubrey's Coconut Fatty Acid Base mixed with aloe vera juice and shea butter. It also includes  wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, honeysuckle oil, carrot oil and vitamin A, C, and E. Loves it!

The conditioner itself is very thick, thicker than any other conditioner I've ever tried. It is also heavily scented with a nice floral smell. The packaging is not the prettiest, but if they spend less on the design to offer me a better product, I am all for it! The price is not $1.50 Suave, but it is not too exorbitant either, considering that everything in the bottle is 100% natural and organic. You can buy Aubrey Organics' Conditioner in most health food stores including Whole Food, Trader Joe's and online at Amazon. $10 will buy you a 11oz bottle that will last for months - Aubrey Organics - Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner, 11 fl oz liquid



  1. I used this! Works like a charm!!! ;)

  2. I just ran out of shampoo and conditioner. Think I'll give it a try! Thanks for the info.

  3. Thanks Carla and Danai. Hope you liked it!

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