Friday, June 25, 2010

Vuvuzelas are annoying AND bad for the environment

Not only is the vuvuzela annoying, it is also terrible for the environment. The thought of all those millions of plastic horns being thrown away in the trash on July 12th after the World Cup is frightening.  There is no need to pile already-full landfills with plastic trumpets. With the World Cup now over,  let's hope that people can at least try to recycle them.


In the mean time, here are two eco-friendly alternatives:

Kelp Vuvuzela -Made from 100% pure dried kelp, these make the same sound as the traditional vuvuzela, and are hand painted and recyclable.
Vuvuzela app - Download this for your iPhone. It is equally as annoying as the real-thing and you won’t have to waste any plastic to use it!


  1. I didn't realize how loud those things were until I heard several blown into the night after a match!! I wonder if you could make them out of corn.

  2. Maybe! I think bamboo and kelp are good options but a bit expensive. Have you tried the app?